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Raw material

We have a pickling facility for the preparation of raw material, as well as for the drawing of raw material, being able to draw steel from 6 mm to 22 mm in diameter.

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Nut stamping

We currently have a total of ten 5-station stamping machines, with a cutting diameter of up to 22 mm. This allows us to manufacture nuts of different, highly complex geometry.

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Stamping of special parts

For the manufacture of special parts we have invested in three 6-station machines, one of which has a cutting diameter of up to 30 mm.

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Screw stamping

Our three screw machines, two of which have 4 stations, allow us to manufacture a range from M6 to M16, both standard and special.

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As for the threading of parts, there are twenty-two machines dedicated to this operation, six of which are for special parts, being able to thread up to M20.

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Mechanical workshop

For the manufacturing of part of our own tooling, we have a machining workshop, which allows us to be more agile and responsive to any emergencies that may arise.

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Tool storage

We manage and control the tooling with the help of a computerized cabine that allows us to optimize it.

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Sorting machines

With the objective of 0 effects in mind, we have four 100% sorting machines, which we divide into two groups:

The first group controls heights and thread presence.

The second group is composed of two 3D vision machines with cameras with different types of lenses that allow us to control almost any dimension.

  • Ø internal and external.
  • Height control.
  • Internal shavings.
  • Fissures and cracks.
  • Presence of threads.
  • Presence of protuberances.